X-Tinxion (NL)

Dutch Thrash Metal



09-06-2018 Elsrock, Sportclub Rijssen, Rijssen (NL)


X-Tinxion is a thrash metal band that incorporates influences from other genres, blending fast, old-school thrash riffs with melodic passages to create its own, distinctive sound.

X-Tinxion truly bridges the gap between modern and nostalgic thrash.

X-Tinxion goes above and beyond the female-fronted band. Soaring vocals, a massive range. From haunting screams to dark grunts and growls: Simultaneously aggressive and melodic, all nicely packaged in flaming thrash metal.

With their 2016 release ‘’From The Ashes of Eden’’ the band shows its full potential. Quality songwriting, tight riffing, edgy solos, bold drum work and smart, witty lyrics.

The main story of the album revolves around the transcendence of humanity. It deals with the human tendency to self-destruct while searching to better itself. It shows the dark side of the human psyche, of its religions and science. However, this pessimistic view on man-kind is also relieved by a sense of humor that shows the soft side and naivety of the human race. The lyrics show the listener what happens after the loss of innocence. And it gives new hope to see the loss of innocence as an opportunity to learn and arise From The Ashes Of Eden.

X-Tinxion plays tight, energetic live shows, and has frequently shared the stage with great bands like: Heathen, Channel Zero, The Charm The Fury, Benedictum, Nuclear Assault, Flesh Made Sin, Thanatos, The Gathering, Udo, Vengeance, Detonation, Bliksem, Izegrim, Evil Invaders, Death Angel, Flotsam & Jetsam and Drone.

December 2017 X-Tinxion toured together with Six Feet Under on their Christmas in Hell tour trough Germany.