The Lucifer Principle



02-09-2017 Occultfest, Hoogeveen, NL

14-10-2017 SETZ, Aalten, NL

21-10-2017 Mad-docs, Maddogs, Groesbeek, NL

18-11-2017 Veghel Deathfest III, Veghel, NL


This grooving monstrous death metal machine brings something new to the table, The Lucifer Principle delivers old school death metal with a new school sound. The ultra heavy grooves are underlined by a pumping bass and stomping guitar riffs.

The combination of groove and brutality results in a solid base of pure metal, without taking prisoners. Using the origin of violence as an inspiration, the first album “Pitch Black Dawn “ was released at the end of 2007. The overwhelming reactions to the debut album resulted in performances on highly acclaimed festivals like Graspop (B) and Loud From The South (NL). The live reputation of the band got even bigger after gigs and tours with bands like Sepultura, Lamb Of God, Obituary, Devildriver, Gorefest, Napalm Death and Entombed. The Lucifer Principle brought the concept of violence to life on their second album “Welcome To Bloodshed” , which was released in may 2009.

After releasing “Welcome To Bloodshed”, The Lucifer Principle have been playing in every corner of their homecountry and fuelled up some great festivals such as, Graspop Metal Meeting (BE), Brutal Assault (CZ), Dokk’Em Open Air, Zwarte Cross, Alcatraz festival (B), Elsrock, Kabaal Am Gemaal (headlining the national Liberation festival).

After 7 lean years The Lucifer Principle is getting ready to release their third chapter of STOMP this year. The new album “Play Dead” was recorded by Marko Brink at the Gunshot RS and mixed by Dan Swanö at Unisound. The nine monstrous tracks hold all the key TLP ingredients, so warm up those neck muscles, point your horns towards the sky and PLAY DEAD at maximum volume!