Shinigami (NL)

Death/Thrash Metal



31-03-2018 Easter DeathFest, Ede (NL)
18-05-2018 Osaka (JP)
19-05-2018 Nagoya (JP)
20-05-2018 Tokyo (JP)
25-05-2018 Tokyo (JP)
26-05-2018 T.B.A.



– noun
(Japanese mythology) A deity and/or personification of death

Members of renowned bands like MaYaN, Orphanage, Bleeding Gods, Hordearii (Tribal Spirits) and Silicon Head joined forces to create the new death-thrash outfit Shinigami.

Shinigami released their debute maxi EP “The Arcane Order” late 2016. The EP contains 6 tracks and are all available through online streaming services, including Spotify and Deezer.

Shinigami already did multiple shows in the Netherlands and have toured Japan and Poland in 2017. They will return to the land of the rising sun May 2018.

Currently the band is working hard on new material and several new songs have already been unleashed live. Check out their Facebook page below to stay updated.