Solitary (UK) – Nothing Changes 20th ANNIVERSARY EDITION CD


Solitary (UK) – Nothing Changes 20th ANNIVERSARY EDITION

Released: 20th August 2018
Style: Thrash Metal
Label: Doc-Records

In 1998 the first Solitary album was released on Holier Than Thou Records and against all the odds, Nothing Changes was greeted with cautious approval from the metal press. Now, twenty years on from its original release, with the backing of new label Doc Records, Solitary have revisited the album that announced their arrival on the battlefield. Nothing Changes has returned with new artwork, a host of bonus tracks drawn from their early demos and just a little injection of modern studio wizardry. Sounding heavier and more aggressive than ever before this is one battle-scarred veteran that has lost none of his venom and fighting spirit.

1 – Within Temptation
2 – The Downward Spiral
3 – A Second Chance
4 – Bitterness
5 – Nothing Changes
6 – Clutching Straws
7 – No Reason
8 – Twisted
9 – Fear
10 – A Second Chance (1996 Demo)
11 – The Bottom Line (1996 Demo)
12 – What Price (1996 Demo)
13 – No Reason (1996 Demo)
14 – Fear (1996 Demo)