Regurgitate (SWE) ‎– Sickening Bliss CD


Format: CD, Album
Release: 2016
Genre: Grindcore, Goregrind

Bliss (Intro)
Abducens Eminence
Euphoric State Of Butchery
Coccoon Of Filth
Putrid Serenity
Tenderizing The Malformed
Violent Necrophilic Climax
Cavernous Sores
Reborn In Latrinic Ecstacy
Bleed On Me
Gutrot Hogfrenzy
Undying Lust For Cadaverous Molestation
Battered With A Brick
Devoured By Ghouls
Addiction (An Unconditional Love For Blasphemous Perversions)
(We Are) Sadistic Hateful Scum
Worm Eater
Perish In Blood
Upheaveal Of Human Entrails
Bathed In Feculence
Bestial Sons Of Devastation
Deterioration Of Grated Genitals
Excremental Ingestment
Hacksaw Hysterectomy
Catatonic Possession

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