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Mouflon is a merging between several band members, active in the metal scene in the Arnhem area (the Netherlands). This happened in 2012.

The heavy and dark sound, characteristic for Mouflon, was completed in 2013 with the arrival of lead vocalist and front man Melvin. The mix of old school death metal and doom metal causes a variation in songs with soundwaves that make many buildings tremble.

Studio recordings from 2013 and 2014 are collected on demo’s, released under Mouflon’s own management. Big Bad Wolf records released a compilation disc named “Keep it Loud Vol 1” with Mouflon songs on it among others.

At the end of 2015, the band’s structure changed by the arrival of a new drummer, and halfway 2017
there was a change in vocalists.

Mouflon released their first full-length album “Devastations”, November 30th 2018, which has been received very enthusiastically by the major metal magazines!

Reviews 2018 full-length album “Devastations”
“It’s a sound that fits really well to this type of fairly simple structured yet effective death metal by this five-piece. Just a matter of getting to the point without any superfluous bits and pieces. Just the way I like it. “ (Pim of Lords of Metal)

”Log and heavy are terms that certainly apply, but also groove (Mouflon, the song) and melody are not forgotten. Incidentally, the music still sounds heavy and dark in the faster parts. It is precisely the combination of those different perspectives that appeals to me, although I obviously prefer the log & heavy doom pieces. Fortunately for me, Devastations has more than enough of that. “
(Chris of Wings of Death)

”I fear that this orchestra has opened the door again, because I have missed that scandinavian atmosphere of cumbersome, pumping death and lingering, tormented doom passages for too long. What does this sound nice man! Ten songs from around four minutes. No fuss, no thrash-in-floods, but just (and there’s the word) old-school death-‘n-doom “
(Steven of Aardschok)

“With Devastations Mouflon delivers a very nice no-nonsense old school death metal album which really goes through marrow and bone. This is for sure an album that you can’t miss if you’re a listener of old school death metal! “
(Tim of Dutch Metal Maniacs)

Mouflon are:
Rutger / DRUMS
Richard /GUITAR
Peter / GUITAR
Tijl / BASS