Doc’s Metal Cruise

Doc Holliday Metal Productions and Crazy Ivan Events, in collaboration with Masterspies and rondvaartbedrijf Kuijpers, are proud to announce the first Doc’s Metal Cruise!

Wreck Your Liver on the River. Eight metal bands will entertain you while sexy waitresses serve you beer and cocktails. Sounds good right!? But a (wo)man’s gotta eat as well.

Masterspies will take care of your hunger by preparing the most delicious meals. Whether it’d be fresh meat from the B.B.Q. or a healthy soup, Masterspies will satisfy that hunger!

Being in the middle of summer, it might get darn warm on the boat. Don’t despair, on deck we’ll have some pools to cool off. Don’t forget to bring your speedo’s!

So, how will this all happen exactly? Easy.

On a two minute walk from ‘s-Hertogenbosch central station, taxi-boats will be ready to shuttle all passengers to the ship, between 11:30 and 13:30 (exact times will be announced a.s.a.p.). On the ship, bands will start playing at 14:00 hours. At approximately 18:00 hours, the ship will return to the docs to pick up late passengers (and drop some off in case of sea-sickness 😉 ). Then, the party on the boat continues until approximately 23:00 hours and all passengers will be returned to the docs close to the central station.

That’s how we like to do a party!

The line-up for Doc’s Metal Cruise:
Sinister, Dead End, Disquiet, Grindpad, Persistense, Sepiroth, Splinterbomb, and The Lucifer Principle.

Doc’s Metal Cruise 2018 is SOLD OUT!

Aftermovie Doc’s Metal Cruise 2018