Welcome to Doc-Records!

….And then there was this thing….

After doing some co-releases with the well-known Vic Records Label from the Netherlands, Doc Holliday MP’s founder Alwin had this dream, starting his own record label division. And then it happened, opportunities came along, a solid partnership with Raw Skull Rekordz was formed and Doc Holliday MP decided to ignite Doc-Records.

With ‘Shadowlands’ from Graceless and ‘ESTD 1988 ‘ from Dead End, Doc-Records will have its first releases on vinyl in 2018. By the idea of making the releases special, Doc Records will release all its vinyl as Limited editions, 200 black and 100 marble for every release.

Soon other vinyl releases will follow and cd’s and tapes will be a part of the Doc-Records catalogue as well.

All in the drive of the heavy part of the metal scene; Death – Black – Doom/Death and OSDM will be Doc-Records’ Trademark….

We welcome you as a member of the Doc-Records Family, so take a look and join!

For contact: records@dochollidaymp.nl