Doc Holliday Metal Productions started out as management for the Volbeat tribute band ‘Fullbeat ‘. Because of the enthousiasm in the work and in the metal scene, Doc Holliday MP was expanding fast. Doing some work for other bands, currently Doc Holliday is working on expanding their portfolio. Available for booking are now:

At a show of doc holliday bands , or doc fest’s there was a nice stand with some merch, this now is exploding into a real shop, a webshop and a regular stand at record fairs.
We sell for:

  • the crypt records usa
  • dark symphonies cd’s usa
  • vic records holland
  • and our own doc holliday mp releases are expanding fast, feel free to take a look in                    our webshop  !

Docfest’s are fests with some cruel venues through the whole country, also this is expanding fast, we currently have:

  • Rockheaven – Eygelshoven
  • de Plock – Volkel
  • de Brigant – Arnhem
  • Studio Gonz – Gouda
  • Nirwana – Dronten
  • more to come…

As of recently , Doc Holliday MP has been set in charge of Veghel Deathfest. With a nice budget we are working on a 6-monthly fest at Doc-podium de Noordkade in Veghel. The first edition was on october 8th 2016, with bands as Unleashed and Soulburn. The second edition will be at the 13th of may 2017, including Thanatos, Wombbath, Cut-Up and the Monolith Deathcult.

This site is currently under construction and we hope to make a step forward every day. Feel free to contact us with any questions or good idea’s .

Stay metal !! 

Alwin & Dave

Doc Holliday MP.