Daemonos (NL)

Blackened Death Metal


Deep down, in the eternal dark depths of the Daemonium Empire, a special elite force was shaped to conquer and dominate earth with the power of music. In the name of the Elder Overlords, the high Daemonic Legion named Daemonos was born. Soon after their arrival on earth, they began working on material to please those down below. While blending the brutality of Death Metal with the cold atmosphere of Black Metal these songs gave a good idea of what they were aiming for. Powerful screeching guitars, earth-trembling bass, demonically fast war drums and vocals from below are the key elements that create the identity of Daemonos.

Soon after, it was time to begin world domination, by playing various rituals and conquering the souls of the humans on earth. Various rituals including the opening spot for the Greek band Rotting Christ in December 2014 and for the Italian band Sawthis in March 2015. It wasn’t until September 2016 that they recorded the songs to grant humanity a Demo EP for back at home. This EP was titled; “Primogenitus Daemonium pt. 1: Infernum in Terra”, recorded at TomBsTone Studios.

After the Elder Overlords demanded changes in the high Legion, with now existing of a 4-piece Legion, they recorded their first official single titled “I.N.R.I.” (In Nails, Rest I), recorded at Tomster Studios, which pushed the Daemons into a whole different direction. June 2017 was the month where another EP was released titled “Asger the Collector”, also recorded at TomBsTone Studios which breeds further onto the I.N.R.I. style, which shows a more Blackened Death Metal approach than the first EP. After releasing this EP they were honored to be the direct support act for Carach Angren in September 2017. The Daemonic Legion is coming and ready to conquer earth with their music and rituals!