Blackened Death Metal (NL)


Ceremony is a Dutch technical death metal band from the Rotterdam area in the Netherlands. Describing their music as “technical death metal” just does not do justice. Ceremony is more than that: self-willed, varied, catchy, melodic, brutal and aggressive.

The band was founded in 1990 by guitarist Peter Verhoef. In 1991, their studio debut demo was recorded: Victims of Morbidity. This demo reached the status of “demo of the month” in Aardschok / Metal Hammer magazine. In 1992, Ceremony released the 7” EP called ‘Inclemency.’ The EP also received good reviews. This got the attention of various record labels and resulted in the release of the album, ‘Tyranny from above,’ by Cyber Music in (add month) 1993. Ron van der Polder of the Dutch death metal band, Sinister, played bass guitar on this album. The debut CD received a high rating of 8.5 (out of 10) in the Aardschok / Metal Hammer magazine.

Ceremony developed its reputation as a self-willed death metal band through their live performances. They have played live with other metal bands such as Master, The Gathering, Dead Head, Beyond Belief and Officium Triste, among others.

As time passed, the band’s music matured and developed into a more diverse and balanced sound. This can clearly be heard on Ceremony’s 1994 promo recording which features the songs, ‘Essence of Alternation,’ ‘Immortality of the gods,’ and ‘Tyranny from Above,’ as well as their 1995 promo recording. With such progress, Ceremony was ready for their second album. Unfortunately, the band fell apart just before they were preparing to record the album in the studio. RIP Ceremony…. or not?

In 2015, Ceremony founder, Peter Verhoef, decided to bring the band back together. And even now, 20 years down the road, record labels are interested in Ceremony. In 2016, Vic Records remastered en re-released the CD “Tyranny from above,” with the first promo and the 7” EP, “Inclemency,” included.

By the end of 2018, Ceremony added a new bass player to their ranks, Zomnius. Ceremony also finished recording their second full-length album in December 2018 and this new record will be released very soon, alongside an accompanying videoclip.