“Dutch Death Metal since the early 90’s”



Ceremony has announced that they will release a new album this year. After 24 years!



Ceremony is a Dutch Technical Deathmetal band from the Rotterdam area. Categorizing the band as just “technical deathmetal” would be selling them short. Cermony’s music is more: quirky, varied, enthralling, melodic, brutal and aggressive..

De band goes back to 1990. In 1991, their first demo was recorded: “Victims of Morbidity.” This demo received the title: “demo of the month” from the Aardschok/Metal Hammer magazine. Then. in 1992, the 7” EP “Inclemency” was released. This EP received excellent reviews as well.

Record labels’ interest were peaked! As a result, Cyber Music released Ceremony’s first full lenght album in 1993: “Tyranny from above”. This debut album received a 8.5 valuation by Aardschok/ Metalhammer. 

The basslines on this album were done by Ron van der Polder, Sinister.’s guitarist. On stage. Ceremony established a reputation as quirky deathmetal band, during performances with bands as: Master, The Gathering, Dead Head, Beyond Belief en Officium Triste.

As the bandmembers gained experienced and grew on eachother, the music developed and became more mature, diverse and balanced. This became apparent on their 1994 demo: “Essence of alternation, Immortality of the gods, Tyranny from above” and their 1995 promo. Ceremony was ready to record their 2nd full length album!

Sadly, it didn’t happen. The moment the band entered the studio to record their second album, they decided to break up. Was this the end of Ceremony?

No! Blood is thicker than water! Twenty years post eventu, founder Peter Verhoef revives the band. The “Tyranny from above” album and the first promo are being remastered and re-released by Vic Records in in 2016. With well-nigh the same original formation, Ceremony is going for their second album. No rest for the wicked, Ceremony is back!



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31-03-2017 Metal Night, PopCentrale, Dordrecht, NL

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