Welcome to Doc Holliday Metal Productions



29/01/2018 Core Team Addition
Doc Holliday MP has proven to be an unstoppable force, expanding faster than the Bubonic Plague. Realising this, we decided it was time to invite someone to strengthen our core team.

As a result, it is with great enthusiasm that we can announce that Christel Janssen has taken up to this invitation! Alongside Meindert Meinsma, she will be focussing mainly on agency- and festival activities.

A warm welcome to Christel!

18/01/2018 Collaboration with Zware Metalen
The largest Dutch heavy music e-zine Zware Metalen and Doc Holliday Metal Productions have started a collaboration. The aim of this collaboration is to strengthen each others position and to bring the Dutch and Belgian metal-scene to the next level.

The collaboration encompasses that Zware Metalen will work as a media partner with Doc Holliday. Zware Metalen will be sharing all relevant news on their website, Facebook and Twitter. This includes concert- and festival-announcements, timetables and album and video related news. Furthermore, Zware Metalen will be in the position to give away free tickets to events organized by Doc Holliday.

Both Doc Holliday MP and Zware Metalen are very enthusiastic about their collaboration and are looking forward to a fruitful and heavy future.

Original press release on ZwareMetalen.com.