Welcome to Doc Holliday Metal Productions!


After a completely sold-out first edition of Blackfest at the Willemeen in Arnhem (NL), Doc Holliday Metal Productions returns to Arnhem with a 2-day black metal festival!

Line up Friday the 15th of February:

  • Ancient Rites
  • Negacy
  • Misanthropia
  • The Heretic Order
  • Pictura Poesis

Line up Saturday the 16th of February:

  • Enthroned
  • Soulburn
  • Gnaw Their Tongues
  • Hyperion
  • The Shiva Hypothesis
  • Mystagogue
  • Ceremony
  • Adversarius
  • Faal
  • Dodenkrocht
  • Asgrauw
  • Daemonos

In collaboration with Zware Metalen metal e-zine and Masterspies catering.

Tickets: www.ticketkantoor.nl/shop/dbf2